On Sunday we begin our road trip. All of our stops are approximately eight hours apart: Saratoga to Cleveland to stay with Jane Richmond, then to St. Louis, Oklahoma City, and last stop Albuquerque.

We have an Airbnb in Old Town Albuquerque for two weeks. During that time we’ll surely find a rental in our desired neighborhood, Nob Hill.

I love checking off lists but zen people say this isn’t always a zen-driven activity. These three lists kept coming to mind so I had to record them.


  1. Proximity to family.
  2. Friends. I’ve always wanted to say this – you know who you are.
  3. Snuggyland – The fully carpeted long attic space that served as a wonderful playroom for Maya.
  4. Dan’s enjoyment of the garage. A beautifully arrayed set of tools, sound system, bathroom, table saw — a proper man cave.
  5. Dizzy’s Chicken.
  6. Former patients and their families.
  7. Community. I haven’t understood this word before. It now means the familiarity when your postal employee and pharmacist recognize you, even without your sweet baby present. Community also means all those who support you during a big change like having a baby.
  8. Harriet’s large fenced-in yard.
  9. Proximity to Montreal.
  10. Harriet’s boyfriend Ben who makes her so happy.


  1. Owning 2.7 acres of property that needs to be gardened, snow-blowed, weeded, and have a pool attended to.
  2. Being in the woods.
  3. Dan having to spend two hours an evening snow-blowing during northeast winters.
  4. Minimal diversity in Saratoga.
  5. Mediocre food in Saratoga.


  1. Utilizing professional and emotional skills lessons I’ve learned in the past three years.
  2. Diversifying my scope of practice in speech pathology.
  3. The HEAT!
  4. The desert.
  5. Proximity to Utah, Colorado, and Texas – states I’ve never been to.
  6. Maya attending a bilingual daycare called the Caterpillar Club.
  7. Joining The League of Women’s Voters per my Uncle George’s request.
  8. Taking care of a smaller home and being able to walk to a coffee and a sandwich.
  9. Spending more time outside after the bustle of moving has subsided.
  10. Developing our friendship with Kasey and Scott.

9 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP

  1. When you get your NM drivers’ licenses, you can register to vote. Next election: November for City Council and ABQ Public School Board…but not all positions.

  2. I truly enjoy the sincerity, intelligence, artistry, sensitivity and love that you display in your writing and photography. I wish you success as you take it all to Albuquerque. Please keep in touch. Have a safe trip. Sending my love with you.

  3. Itโ€™s only physical distance. You will continue to live in our hearts until we see you next. And Albuquerque in the winter? Iโ€™m there! Love to all! Uncle Earl

  4. So glad I was able to visit with you, Maya, and Harriet
    before your departure to the great southwest ! Enjoy your journey and looking forward to connecting in
    ABQ and reading a list of all the reasons youโ€™re happy with your decision to move. Safe travels ๐Ÿ˜˜๐ŸŒต๐ŸŒป

  5. Sarah, you neednโ€™t be reminded of your generosity of spirit, energy, humour, creativity, and integrity, both as a family member and as part of the greater community of people everywhere you go. Sarah and Dan, we know you will land firmly on your feet and bring with you a stability and love of life that will warm the hearts of all that is Albuquerque! Love and kisses to Maya and Harriet.๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿฅฐโฃ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜

  6. while I am here ….missing your bright smiling face I will continue to enjoy this wonderful blog and I thank you for the great friendship. ……safe travels love you all

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