5 Months in ABQ

I’ve been enjoying using portrait-mode on the iPhone, a lazy way to get images that used to require bigger cameras and multiple settings.

Bubbie and Opa Wiegmann came to see our home and spend time with Maya. I witnessed more than two congo lines with maracas, a tambourine, and a slide whistle – all instruments courtesy of the Wiggys.

Each morning, Maya wakes up and wants to eat cheese. She spends a lot of time telling us that her baby doll has had a “poop” and requesting a wipe and a diaper. Then she tucks her baby in, over and over, patting her back and saying, “shhh”. It’s so fun to watch the first fictional play happening.

Albuquerque Stuttering Services is getting close to launch. There’s a list of IT items that Dan and I will do together when we aren’t working, playing with Maya, hosting lovely friends and family, and riding our bikes. We shall find the time though!

We have some domestic trips coming up:

I’ll be in Providence for Bee and Kevin’s wedding party next weekend.

In late October I’ll head to San Francisco to enjoy the nuptials of Cara and Julian.

Dan, Maya, and I will be in New York from November 22-29.

Maya and I will join Bubbie, Opa, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Claudia, and Beckham in Sanibel from December 7-14.

Happy Fall to all. All our love.

PS: Allie Stark, if you have a mailing address, you better send it to this snail-mail monster.

3 thoughts on “5 Months in ABQ

  1. Cannot wait to see you in NEW YORK zin November! Your life sounds beautiful, settled, and ever open to change. You’re a model of flexibility! Maya is adorable, stylish, and adventurous – like her mom and grand mom. Love to Dan; keep on truckin’.

  2. Hope you’re all enjoying fall out in Arizona . Our last two visits were in the fall and it was wonderful to hike with so much still in bloom .
    I was in Atlanta for a wedding party last month and extended our stay to take in the sites and great history of the city . Finalized our Paris plans to visit Jack and Hayat today and looking forward to practicing my French ! Take care. Love, B

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