6-Month Anniversary Party

After our intimate 17-person wedding ceremony on January 7th, 2015, we decided to throw a party for friends & family to celebrate.  This morphed into a 24 hour 200 person extravaganza that we organized and catered ourselves.  We had a blast!

For weeks, Mama and Papa Cocciardi made precise, detailed spreadsheets and we shopped, planned and prepared.  The Wiegmanns and the Cocciardis came together in a most unified, team, family-for-life kind of way.  We didn’t hire a photographer, but here are some photos that you all have shared.

Dan found Rupert, a happy pig, at the Heather Ridge Farm in the Hudson Valley.  A family friend’s brother had la caja china – a wood oven of sorts.

New friends were made,

Family and friends got together,

A most abundant thank you to the Cocciardis and Wiegmanns for your herculean efforts in throwing a great, organic party.

And friends!  Have we said how much we loved seeing all of you?  In one place?  There was so much love, and we love all of you.

And there was dancing!  Dan’s very talented friend John and his band graced us with their funkadelic beats.

 And we heard from the kids that they enjoyed themselves too!

We ended the night with a campfire and a lot of love.  Thank you to everyone who traveled from near and far, in the rain, and lent a helping hand.  It became a community event and we appreciate every part of it.  To our families, we are in awe of how much you worked to pull this together.  Thank you.

3 thoughts on “6-Month Anniversary Party

  1. This was a most awesome gathering, delightful & loving. Even though there were millions of people (well, OK, perhaps not exactly millions), one was able to talk to folks easily – & the food, delicious & plentiful! (Pies for brunch? Yep, perhaps a first & last but a really fun new trend.) The mimosas that came after the beer (I can’t believe I enjoyed both, not together, of course), hit the spot (several spots, actually). Extra icing on the cake for me was staying with Al & Mary Lawrence.

    Thank you, Weigmanns & Coociardis for brilliant planning & presentation. A very special occasion & I’m grateful to have been invited.

    Hugs, love,
    Tante noisette

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