A Little Dumpling

Dear Baby,

Where to start?  At the beginning I guess.  On Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 I thought I had the stomach flu.  I went to our GP, Tracy Brennan, and I explained that I had been really nauseous and vomiting.  She took a urine sample and it turned out that I was two-months pregnant with YOU!  I was so happy and so surprised.

Your dad was working in Dalian, China, so I called him on WhatsApp.  He was so happy and so surprised too.  Fortunately, he was flying home the next day so we could see each other and I’d have someone to help with our puppy, Harriet.  I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t been able to walk her.

I asked Dr. Brennan, what do I do next?  Literally, what do I do when I leave here?  I recommend you call your Ob-Gyn, she said.  That was reasonable advice, so I took it and an ultrasound was booked for the following Tuesday.  

When Harriet and I picked your dad up at the train station in Albany, he looked exhausted after almost 24 hours of travel.  But, he was so happy to see all of us.  He kissed you on my belly and he held my hand as I drove us home.  Harriet peed from excitement when she saw your dad.

We had the first ultrasound on Tuesday, June 13th.  You were positioned just right in my uterus and your heartbeat was 150 beats a minute.  That’s fast, but just right.

Lately, I’ve been eating very strangely.  For only being the size of a lime, you sure have a lot of preferences.  Most of the time I crave things that are salty like pizza, quesadillas, chips, and bagels.  My sweet tooth is pretty subdued but sometimes I want watermelon or lemon sorbet.  You really have a remarkable presence for such a little dumpling.

Friends have asked me what I’m thinking about as you grow inside me.  That’s a big question.  But the answer is pretty simple.  All I hope for is that you are healthy and kind.  Your father made a silly joke the other day.  He said that softball is not a sport and you should be computer programming by age four.  You know that you only have to participate in the activities that interest you. 

I have a sense that you may be a girl, but my only true hope is that you are healthy and kind.  You have your entire life to figure out who you are, I’m still figuring it out.

Your father and I will share our accumulated knowledge to guide you, but ultimately we respect who you are and how your life will unfold.  

I’ll let you know that I’ve found travel, being kind to myself and others, forgiveness, and the ability to really say I’m sorry as some good life practices.  I’m only 33, so I look forward to growing together.

Your measurement on the sonogram predicts that you will arrive on January 25, 2018.  Let’s see if you are early or late.  Wait – whatever time is the right time!  You are the best surprise.


Your Mom

6 thoughts on “A Little Dumpling

  1. Good morning, dear Little Dumpling,
    Such exciting news about your impending arrival. This is your great-aunt Hazel but you may call me grand-tante Noisette, which is French. If you are interested, we can talk in French eventually (your mother is fluent in French).
    Your mother & father are wonderful and will welcome you with love and kindness, as will your grand-parents – lucky you!

    Hugs and mega love to you, Little Dumpling,

    Grand-tante Noisette

  2. My darling cousin!!! I’m so very excited and happy for you both! I can’t wait to shower your little dumpling with lots of love! Congratulations, xoxo Cousin Rach.

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