A New Home, Our First House

After more than a year of searching and offers on homes that didn’t work out for various reasons, we finally found a home that exceeded our expectations.

Today we closed on our

very first home!

Our new address is:

CocciardiParty                                                                                                                                         101 King Road                                                                                                                                         Saratoga Springs, NY  12866

Fortunately, we have our apartment for the month of December so the move can be gradual and the stress absent.

The emotional part of my brain says, absent stress?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  The baby will be born sometime over the next 8 weeks or so.

The bigger-picture brain then steps in and says, Hey, these are all things to be hugely grateful for; house, baby, amazing husband, healthy families.  So if we’re chatting and you sense I’m letting the emotive brain take over, gently remind me to get back to the bigger picture, STAT.


Back to home ownership.  We’re on 3 acres, which allows for a large yard + wooded trails behind our home which we have yet to explore (we won’t be mowing 3 acres of grass!)

We are also leaning towards installing an electric fence so Harriet can terrorize the birds and squirrels in the yard.

Our home was built in 1987 and this satisfies Dan’s sound engineering sense to have a newer home that doesn’t require a lot of work.

There is hardwood throughout the house and our master bedroom exits out onto a large porch, as does the kitchen.

These photos are from the seller, so try to envision it with the removal of decals, fresh paint, and our funky personal touches!

There’s a room for baby, an above ground pool, and a playhouse and swingset.  (We’re going to paint the playhouse a fun color in the springtime, anyone want to come help?!)

The 25′ x 36′ garage is Dan’s dream come true.  The space is equipped with high ceilings, radiant heating in the floor, its own bathroom, dedicated compressor, industrial ventilation, and a re-enforced ceiling that is hoist ready.

Above the garage is a beautiful, knotty-pine guest house.  We’re still unsure if we’re going to find a full-time renter, or do a combination of Airbnb and having it available for visits from you all.

While our mailing address is in Saratoga Springs, we’re 15 minutes north from the heart of the city and Baby C will go to Schuylerville Elementary.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll have a massive house-warming right away, we can’t wait for you to come visit this magical place, when the time is right.  We are so, so grateful to have acquired this home.

7 thoughts on “A New Home, Our First House

  1. What an amazing home-to-be – & land around (albeit perhaps with an electric fence on part of the lawn). How I enjoyed seeing the photos & imagining you settling in. A conference I went to a few years back was in Saratoga Springs & it’s not too much of a drive so I look forward to visiting at some point.

    Hugs, cheers,
    Tante Noisette

  2. The house is a charmer…congratulations! Fun to see Baby C’s belongings ready for action, and you’ve got a playhouse to boot. All a wonderful spot to make your own special family happiness. Enjoy.

  3. Sarah!
    I would love to help you paint the playhouse!
    What a wonderful home and yard for your little sweetie to grow up! Congratulations, lovely friend!
    Gros bisous xxx

  4. It’s beautiful! I see the post is from 8 months ago so I guess by now you are all settled in and have made it “home”, I hope you are still loving it. Congratulations and all the best! 🙂

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