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We left Saratoga two weeks ago today.  

The home we had lived in for fourteen months – but assumed it would be much longer – was gradually stripped of our personality and became again a clean, white box, ready for its next inhabitants (we close next week!).

We pushed Maya around on her tricycle from Nurse Jenn in the increasingly empty space, and GusGus snuck into Maya’s tent the evening before we took it down.

See-you-soons were said to our friends and family, and please ask for my ongoing file of ABQ to-do’s so you can plan your trip here.

Harriet was a gem in the car, calm and quiet.  Maya was surprisingly good-natured, only requiring forty minutes of the same Raffi concert circa the mid 80’s at the end of an eight-hour stretch.  I alternated between tickling Maya and reading Ruth Reichl’s Tender at the Bone with intense enjoyment (thanks, Anna!).

I drove from Amarillo to Albuquerque.  The road was unknowably smooth, the sky so blue and expansive I felt like I was more in the air than on land, and the landscape began to shift to a desertscape.  Dan did all the driving prior, no small feat.

Grammy and G-Pop were there to meet us the first night we arrived, having driven Dan’s car down.

As we settled into our first shoe-box Airbnb, Dan finished graduate school work and prepped for his first day at Intel.

I focused on slathering sunscreen on the family and taking Maya to the zoo, parks, cafes, smoothie shops, art centers, and Barnes & Nobles.

We spent the day in Sante Fe this past Saturday with Kasey and Scott.  

These ice-cream photos belie the real story.  Dan offered Maya some ice cream, she was shocked at the blistering coldness, and hasn’t wanted any since.  We suspect this will change in time.

We’ve signed a lease on a wonderful adobe house on a street where people walk their dogs, ride their bikes, and adorn their yards with gorgeous succulents the size of trees and jewel-toned flowers.  In our backyard there’s a hot tub and a large adobe fireplace. We’re a twenty minute walk from Nob Hill.

In the meantime, we’re in our second Airbnb, far more spacious than the first, and only a half mile from the home we can enter on May 15. On my morning walk wearing 23 lb Maya and Harriet on the leash, I smile warmly at our future neighbors.

I must be wearing the cape of vitamin-d infused newness-exuberance because everyone here is so friendly.  Even Maya is blossoming. Every little person we encounter she walks right up to, embraces them in a deep hug, and rests her head on their shoulder, sometimes knocking them over.

We’re high up here though at 5,312 feet, so when you visit I’m going to firmly and lovingly (but stress firmly) read you the riot act on hydration and sunscreen (no, 30 spf won’t do).  

Next up, photos of our adobe home, once we’re settled, and an address for all you fellow snail-mailers.

4 thoughts on “ABQ, What’s new?

  1. I’m rocking SPF 15 when I come becuase Fun Uncle Mark has built in sunscreen. Either that or it’s all the olive oil running through my veins. I loved reading this, I can’t wait to come visit you all. I really miss you guys a lot! <3

  2. HI Guys….I am so missing you here in NY But know that the adventures you are having and doing are just awesome I love looking at pictures and follow how you and the family are doing …I envy all of you and hope that we will be able to come down and visit with you folks. thanks for this beautiful blog

  3. So excited for you. I love Santa Fe and Albuquerque and also used to love living near Nob Hill – envious of your adobe house rental which sounds wonderful! I’m going to put you in contact by my dear friend Lynn from grad school who is from New Mexico and Arizona and lives in ABQ near the Coronado Mall.

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