An 11 Day Old Human

How is Maya?

How are you?

How is Dan?

Maya is 11 days old and she’s a delightful newborn.  She’s taken easily and naturally to breastfeeding and likes to spend a lot of time there.  She’s also into long naps, listening to classical music and Phish, and having her diaper changed multiple times a day.  Well, she’s not into the diaper changes, but she has stopped crying when they happen.

My body is still healing, but I am not experiencing postpartum depression.  I was very anxious the first week about SIDS, but as I learn to read Maya better and better, and transition into this new role of mother, those fears dissipate.

It’s an interesting role to be the primary caregiver, as I have the breast.  There’s something very empowering about being able to give our baby everything she needs nutrition and hydration wise.  I can also soothe her with my voice and touch.

I’m hesitant to take walks yet as it’s icy here and my tailbone is still healing.  I’m grateful it’s winter as it makes the nesting cozy and peaceful.

Dan is an incredible father.  He has taken on the role of primary diaper changer and wonder-dad with ease, love, and skill.  He is a natural caregiver.  Many have commented that Maya appears to be a mini-Dan.  Others think Maya has my eyes.  Dan believes that all babies look like babies and time will tell who she looks like.  What do you think?

Here are some moments from the past 11 days.  We’ve found family, friends, and texting with nurse Jenn (who helped deliver Maya) to be so supportive and uplifting.  Thank you all.

Some requisite sleeping Maya photos:

Maya has been tossed around like a sack of potatoes.  Just kidding.  She’s enjoyed visits with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends.

[Disclaimer: All are healthy, have had their flu shot, and have washed their hands multiple times.]

Maya also feels quite alert for an 11-day old.  But what do we know?  Perhaps it was the extra 13 days that she was cooking in there.

Maya enjoys helping her dad with his Masters and being close to him in the carrier.  Surprisingly, she didn’t seem to mind her first bath all that much.

Harriet is very curious and protective of Maya.

Until next time, we send you lots of Maya love.

15 thoughts on “An 11 Day Old Human

  1. Wow!! Great email and news and pictures. I think I recognized my sister, Donald and Jeffrey. Was Claudia in a picture? The story on breastfeeding and bonding is very helpful to me as I am light years removed from such stuff.
    Keep the news coming G

  2. Such a beautiful family!
    “Blessings on the little one,
    Precious life that’s just begun.
    May she grow in truth and grace
    To make this world a better place.”
    Much love,
    “Aunt” Carole

  3. Fortune smiles – and so do the rest of us at this pure beautiful child. Our grand daughter is coming near to 8 months. Just wait!!

  4. I love these updates. She is beautiful and you both look to be over the moon happy. We are so happy for you! Enjoy every moment!

  5. You did ask the question who we thought Our precious Maya looks like and I’m in between your husbands thought “let’s wait and time will tell” and holding back from saying she looks much like her papa. With all that said when can her Aunt Mary hold her?

  6. Thank you, Maya, and your extended family, for sharing such joy and wonder. You are so animated, already! Besides your Daddy Dan, I see traces of you Grandpa Dan! Keep sending us fun pictures💌

    Aunt Diane

  7. Sounds like things are going GREAT!! She’s so adorable. Not surprised. Can’t wait to meet her and introduce her to our two eligible bachelors. Take it easier than you think you should. Love.

  8. Congratulations!! Both of you look like naturals and Maya is beyond beautiful. We can’t wait to meet her in person when we return to Saratoga. We are sending you lots of love, hugs and warm weather from NC!

    We miss you!

  9. Such bright, alert eyes! I am so happy for you all as you settle in as a family! It is almost an unbelievable miracle isn’t it?
    I especially love the picture on the couch. I will be sharing your pics with mom.
    Sending lots of love,

  10. Beautiful update Sarah! Maya is such a beautiful baby and so lucky to have you and your husband as parents. You both look like she was meant to be with you both! I am so happy Harriet is protective of her. Keep the post coming as I love seeing the pictures and hearing all the good thoughts you are having. God Bless you all and much love to all!


  11. Looks like Maya can already teach us a few lessons in dealing with not getting caught up in the “Maya” (the illusion of life) already. She is so alert!

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