April 2016

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Saratoga in Spring

APril eats

FRIEnds from afar

friends in saratoga

claudia’s bridal shower

 jaunt to brooklyn

cat love

new saratoga pals

Tiffany, Emily, Kate, Heidi, myself

Tiffany, Emily, Kate, Heidi, myself

April music recommendation


Give Cecile’s music a listen!

with love from s+d

One thought on “April 2016

  1. What a wonderful selection of photos, Sarah & Dan, many thanks. It’s always so enjoyable to see what’s happening in your neck o’ the woods.
    What a fun weekend I had with you all in Wallkill, so good to see everyone, even though Sarah’s visit was fleeting! Better than not fleeting!
    Tante Noisette

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