Crawling, Eating, Standing

Dear Maya,

I can’t believe that on Sunday you’ll be eight months old.

Dada and I think you get cuter by the hour.  It’s true.

You’re so expressive, we don’t have to guess at what you’re feeling.

You’ve been eating all sorts of homemade fruit and veggie purees as well as scrambled eggs, soft bread, licks of peanut butter, mashed avocado, and even a few bites of soft chicken that you mashed between your gums.

It appears that you’ve been teething for months, but no teeth have emerged yet.  You’ve been loving this banana teether.

Aunt Linny took us on a boat ride before the season ended.  The moment the engine revved and the wind blew your hair, you didn’t mind the massive life jacket.  I think you share Dada’s love of adventure and speed.

You love having visitors and let almost anyone hold you.  Some beards scare you.  Sometimes your friend Matilda scares you, but I think that’s because you haven’t met many babies.  You started daycare this Monday and even though it’s been a teary transition, I think the day will come when you beg me for five more minutes and I will plead with you to get in the car.

Your cousin Beckham came to visit this past weekend.  He weighs more than you do, but has a similar giggle.  I think you two are going to love being in Sanibel together in December.

Harriet continues to love you as if you were her own baby.  She has stopped sleeping in her bed in our room, and now prefers the couch so she can be closer to your room.  The only time she isn’t thrilled to see you is when you wake up with gusto at 5:30 or 6:00 am and want to crawl towards her.  At any other time of the day, she tries to lick you and your toys.

Dada sent me an article today that said that the biggest positive influences on your early life will be: talking and listening to you, making it clear that we have ambitions for your future, being emotionally warm, teaching you letters and numbers, taking you on excursions, reading to you daily and encouraging you to read for pleasure, and maintaining a regular bedtime.

We’re off to a good start.  How far we’ve come from the days when children were viewed solely as labor.  Inevitably we’ll make some mistakes, but we’re trying our best and we really, really love you.


Your Mum



7 thoughts on “Crawling, Eating, Standing

  1. she has oh sooo many faces/looks/outfits…what a little kewpie doll!
    I’m beginning to see Mum (Sarah, that is) in Maya’s expressions
    luv to you all

    Aunt Mary

  2. So glad to have finally met this gorgeous girl, great pictures and you and Dan are rocking the parent thing! Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️ Aunt Cathy

  3. Sweet Maya,
    You are such a chameleon, so fun-loving, charming with your adoring public, tolerant and sympathetic to Harriet, and clearly grateful to your besties (parents)! What a super girl! What interesting clothes and accessories! Do I detect a dancer, designer, performer…?

    Love you all!
    Aunt Diane

  4. What a joy ! Delighted to see you all so happy and appreciating your blessings . I’ve been away a lot late summer/fall but hope we can arrange a walk in the park , coffee, or a drink
    soon . Bernadette 🍁

  5. I always knew you’d be an AMAZING Mom! This post made me cry! I can see what a beautiful job you’re both doing. Just remember the most important thing is LOVE. xoxo

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