Dan’s in Oregon

Tonight I got the most hilarious voicemail. What a funny world it is. My friend from school called this little munchkin back and told her that generally speaking, it wasn’t good practice to prank call people. I’ll get a recording and post it soon.

It was a number from Virginia and it sounded like a 7 year old girl. It went something like this,

Hello, hello Sarah Whitman.

This is your bill collector.

For your light bill.

Get the message after the beep.


The electric bill is ‘bout to be cut off, so,

Call me back

Ok Sarah Wigmin


3 thoughts on “Dan’s in Oregon

  1. Hmm, prank tele calls. I don’t suppose you are able to access the caller’s number? It wld be funny to return the favor. Howzabout those emails purportedly from a friend whose wallet & air tickets have been stolen & $$ are desperately needed? And the emails offering you a gigantic share of millions because you are…you!
    I hope Dan hurries back from Oregon.


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