December 2015

We hope that you all had Merry Holidayz wherever you were!  We began our funky-holiday-photo tradition with the use of the new tripod Dan got for my birthday.  The outfits were relatively unplanned.  Afterwards we pondered what they might  represent.  The best explanation we came up with was beastie boy with drone goes back in time and meets Mitford sister with sewing machine.  We look forward to other bizarre ensembles in the years to come.

S+D Holiday Card 2015

This month has been a whirlwind.  We departed our Kingston loft for our 2-bedroom Saratoga pad.  The manpower of Ma, Pa and Michael Cocciardi made it possible and the Wiggys contributed some pretty gorgeous antique pieces, such as the one you see above – a desk that the Don says dates back to the 1800’s.

Our our second to last night there, our Kingston pals Liz and Zach took us to see a great reggae show.  We will miss them.  Come visit!

FullSizeRender (4)

But truly friends, do come visit.  That is the sole reason we decided upon a 2-bedroom, to host lovely guests.  Saratoga has so much to offer and we look forward to exploring it with you.

 (If you aren’t already hooked on the Crazy Helium app, we really, really recommend it.)

Squishy and Meatball in Midtown sent holiday cheer as did Carrie and Brad in Chico.

The Don and Levon also sent their love and we just want to say how much we love them too.  If Levon weren’t a little naughty, we would invite him to come to Saratoga.

Earlier in the month we had a lovely time at Squishy’s First Christmas Tree Party.  We celebrate Squishy for being our awesome Jewish friend with an awesome Christmas tree – I dig cultural sharing.  Why not?

 And even earlier in the month, when Dan was working in Arizona, the Don took the Wiggys and Cocciardis to see Jackie Greene at Club Helsinki in Hudson, NY.  I cannot recommend this venue enough.  The acoustics are phenomenal, it is cozy and intimate and the food/drinks are delectable.  Go, go see a show!

(A church in Hudson – Dan’s drawing while in Arizona)

On another note, Lizzy and Jess continue to plough ahead with their plans for The Reaverbocker, an up-and-coming Syracuse public house.  They’ve been hosting beer-related events and I lust for their decor.  Keep at it friends, allow that entrepreunial energy to keep flowing.

Christmas combined Wiegmanns and Cocciardis, a natural and happy melding of family since the beginning.  Timbo’s girlfriend Caroline and I took typical photos followed by atypical.

We’ve been experimenting with the iphone macro lens that was part of Dan’s birthday gift to me.  I’m just getting the feel for it, but you can see the potential for getting great texture shots.

In the photo below you see the Cocciardis circa 1995-ish.  Dan is the oldest, followed by Tim, Josh and Michael.  Dan Senior and Daina still look as youthful as ever.


FullSizeRender (5)

We spent New Year’s Eve with friends in Brooklyn.  From Colin’s rooftop we heard a massive city erupt in celebrations from all corners.  It was the perfect spot to be; clear, refreshingly windy, surrounded by humanity and yet with room to breathe.

HELLO 2016!

We wish you all mental and physical health, meaningful connections, the pursuit or discovery of interesting hobbies, a satisfying balance of work and life and healthy food to nourish you (like Dan’s green smoothies).

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7 thoughts on “December 2015

  1. Zany photo spread! Love the acquired antiques and collectibles; do show us more layers and ‘textures’ as they evolve. Smashing family photos!
    Congratulations on your seamless move, and wonderful wishes for a peaceful new year: excerpts..
    “May there be peace in the sky and in space.
    May there be peace on land and in the waters.
    May herbs and food bring us peace.
    May there be peace throughout the world.
    May the peace be peaceful.
    May there be peace, peace, and perfect peace.”
    We wish you health, prosperity, and all things good and beautiful.

  2. You spread a lot of joy with these zany beautiful loving blogs. And your dreamplan for Elders from the last blog is a piece of dream genius – exactly right for the folks it will serve. When we win the lottery (maybe this week) we’ll be there to build with you. Sending good wishes for the new year to you and the extended family.
    Love, Eileen and Michael.

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