Gabon Reunion in ABQ

I lived in Libreville, Gabon from 2008-2010.  I met Sarah Mordret during that time. She has a really interesting background.  Sarah is French, but due to her father’s job as a contractor, she was born in South Africa and grew up in Hong Kong and Denmark.  Sarah went to university in Toulouse and after her time in Gabon, she worked for Medecins San Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders), helping to organize missions in South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Haiti.  She currently lives thirty kilometers south of Paris in Orsay. She’s often training for her next triathlon and she makes a delicious Tahitian ceviche.

We had a delightful, sporty, and enriching time together.  Sarah and I hadn’t seen each other for nine years. I picked her up from the airport, and as we were drinking lemon water in the kitchen, we both joked that we had felt nervous and excited.  It’s a little bit of a risk meeting up with someone you haven’t seen in so long. We agreed that we will not wait until ten years to get together.

Meow Wolf in Sante Fe is, as Sarah said, very hard to explain, very American, and definitely worth a visit.

Our backyard has morphed into a southwest oasis, and we love when our six year old neighbor Charlie climbs over the fence and plays with Maya or chats to us about his prediction for the ripening of the apricots.

The Sandia Foothills offer beautiful, albeit arid and hot, hikes.

Like us, you may spend more time on the Sandia Peak Tramway than hiking at the peak, but the views are worth the trip.

We only had time for one cocktail at Los Poblanos, but it is a really special place and deserves more visits.

Our wonderful babysitter Ms. Suzy spent some time with Maya so Dan, Sarah, and I could enjoy a few evenings out.  Ms. Suzy has showed Maya how to make a leaf mustache.

Dan and I introduced Sarah to the American diner, and explained how the spelling with one only /n/ denotes a casual and inexpensive eating option.  

The day after Sarah left I took Maya to a pool in Corrales and began reminiscing already about my inspiring French friend.  Luckily she left little notes of encouragement to take walks, bike rides, and hikes throughout the house. She also left recommendations for some French podcasts.  Here’s to our next visit, Sarah M!

2 thoughts on “Gabon Reunion in ABQ

  1. Catching up with old friends always bring interesting reflections on your own past. Looks like a fun reunion and everyone is so well adapted to your new environment. Just returned from 2 weeks on the outer cape . Off-season so peaceful . Did some biking, beach time reading, and tried some new sushi at Mac’s Seafood my favorite Wellfleet eatery.
    Jack has an interview at the French Embassy in Boston on Monday for spousal visa with permission to work in France . He has office space in Paris with his current employer so things are moving forward . Hayat had Skype interview working for a non profit representing MENA immigrants and they want to do in person interview when they arrive maybe as soon as August if visa approved. Be well . xo

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