Good Things Come in 3’s

Goodness is all around us really.  Here are a few sets of 3’s that bring us happiness.  You’ll find a fun update at the bottom.  What brings you happiness?

1) My brother-in-law Michael’s pottery.  He’s made all these items and continues to make more.  One day we hope to have funky, dusty-toned, mismatch kitchen set made by Michael.

2) My college roommate’s beautiful baby.

3) Levon Mackelmore Wiegmann.

4) Gold & silver temporary tattoos.  

5) Our new 1970’s loft apartment in Kingston, NY!  We have a March 1st move-in date!  We are in walking distance of the historic Stockade District and other local offerings.  We are so excited!


4 thoughts on “Good Things Come in 3’s

  1. Mmm, I totally enjoyed the 3s, all those good things. Mathematically challenged that I am, I didn’t try to count Michael’s pottery though it did seem to me there might have been multiple 3s shown! Congrats on the new apartment, lofty indeed. I thoroughly appreciated the various sets of 3s, from infant to woofie & temporary tattoos! You’ll be in my thoughts on March 1 (perhaps that date will mean you’re all in & settled?). We have our co-op’s annual general meeting that day; I’m helping wi check in & then a friend & I are among the folks facilitating a group discussion of what members want for the future.

    Spring will come soon – not a moment too soon. Almost a unique winter, let’s hope it will not be a harbinger of winters to come.

    BTW., soon my e-story will be on Amazon. Details will follow in timely fashion.

    Hugs, love,

    Tante Noisette – xoxox

  2. When you are settled in, give us your mailing address in Kingston as we will send mail/packages/gifts there.
    Also make sure we have your phone numbers which will probably be cell phones and not land lines. We still have both cell/land.


  3. as you have written – good things come in 3’s
    to all your days together as one.
    much love,
    Aunt Mary

  4. It seems to me that all things come in 3’s good and bad. When 2 things happen I usually feel it is not complete until the 3rd comes along. Anyways I am a family of three and that certainly counts as three. Perhaps you could count your new place as 3 in that is the merger of your two separate places into a third new place! Looks like you are off to a great life together!

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