Hi Friends and Family,

It’s me, Maya.  Or as my parents like to call me, “Snuggie”.

I had such a good time when our friends from Brooklyn visited.  Lindi gave me a bottle and clapped with me.  Colin took these photos, by the way.

A few weeks later, I went to New York City for the first time.  Aunt Caroline let me sleepover in her Gramercy Park apartment while my parents went to a Halloween party.  We were going to have a wild girls night, but she was so cozy I fell asleep on her.

At daycare we had a Halloween parade.  Dr. Elise came and pushed me.  When my mum first put my costume on, I did not like it, as you can see.  Gradually I came to enjoy being a bunny.

My parents took me to Sunnyside Farms.  With all these solids they’ve been feeding me, I had a little explosion so we headed home after a few pumpkin photos.  More next year!

Speaking of solids, I’ve been refusing the spoon lately.  Why?  It makes my parents nutty and I want to be the boss!  Check out the results of eating yogurt and avocado with my hands.

I also went to Rhode Island for the first time.  Bee and Kevin were the most gracious hosts, and Kevin showed me my first keyboard.  I was into it!  Maybe I’ll want to take music lessons in the future.

I do a lot of socializing for a little peanut.  We went out for brunch one Sunday with Mikey and Nurse Jenn, who was at my birth.  Mikey kept me entertained and then we all went to the library together.

At home I spend a lot of time lounging and playing.

Harriet and I keep an active watch for Dada.  We are so excited when he comes home.

Even though I sleep in my crib from 7:30 pm to 5 or 6am, my parents let me snuggle in their bed on weekend mornings.  I spread out like a starfish.

I’ve also discovered paper towels, and they are way more fun than some of these elaborate toys.

I almost forgot to mention.  We just ordered my first passport, I’m ready to travel!  I clapped a bit while the postwoman was taking my photo, but then I let her get a good one.

I love you all & I’m wishing YOU a Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Maya

PS – These are the woods behind our house where my mum takes Harriet and I for walks.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Maya is such a cutie and so happy! Credit to her beautiful parents. Do i recognise a bonds wondersuit in one photo? Ps the forest looks STUNNING

  2. Great pictures and delightful descriptions of visits. I thought you were working several days/week, but guess you travel over the weekends.
    Is Dan still working part time in China and part in US while finishing his Master’s degree?

    Lots of snow in Colorado where Sheila will spend at least three weeks skiing from Jan to Mar.
    I am very active with League of Women Voters/other groups such as Common Cause to expand voting so more people can participate in government.
    Open Primaries and same day registration will bring New Mexico in line with more states.

  3. Gracias! Maya and her adventures make me smile . Keep on appreciating all the beauty
    in the world . Sharing it makes it even more joyful.

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