Gutted episode 014!

I was recently interviewed by Allie Stark Wellness for her podcast Gutted Stories! 

 I met Allie in San Francisco this past November as we share a friend from the east coast.  I was instantly struck by a number of things; Allie’s warm, open personality, her incredible sense of decor, her curly locks, and the ease at which our conversation flowed.  Keeping in touch was inevitable.  I am so honored to be on her new podcast and to call her a friend.

In our conversation, we discuss the power of one’s voice and how important it is to advertise your imperfections.

As a lifelong stutterer, I share that in order for us to reclaim our truth, we—as human beings—must be willing to welcome all parts of ourselves and others each and every day. 

Listen to the episode here –

There is something SO courageous about creativity.  You put your efforts out there – becoming vulnerable – and then offer your heart & soul up for viewing.

I encourage you to share our episode on any social media platforms you are on (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or simply forward this post to others, so that Allie can bring her podcast to a wider audience.  The work she has put into this is tremendous.


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Mini spoiler alert:  I may mention wanting to do a study on women who stutter and are pregnant in this podcast.  I was not aware at the time that I was pregnant!



2 thoughts on “Gutted episode 014!

  1. Thank you so much for this podcast, I loved it!
    Helps me with my imperfections with rheumatoid arthritis 🙂
    XXX Petra (from Switzerland)

  2. This interview was beyond extraordinary. I love how Sarah talks about what might be perceived as a liability and turns it into an asset. My best friend from middle school also stutters. However he is one of the most brilliant people I know and is an incredibly successful movie producer and photographer. It just shows how quick his mind is in comparison to his speech. Sarah is also another example of that and in this podcast there is so much to be learned from her wisdom. You will also see how much she blew away the interviewer also as she takes command of the whole process.

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