Halloween Twenty Sixteen

I felt inspired to organize a scavenger hunt for Halloween this year.  As the sun gives primacy to Australia and the days get darker and colder, I find that organizing events and completing art projects brings about stability and enjoyment.

Fourteen friends showed up in costume, accepted the three teams I’d split them into, and eagerly hit the streets of Saratoga Springs to complete sixteen-questions.  One group got into the local newspaper, another group completed every question, and yet another group got multiple points for a few questions that went above and beyond.

We put each group’s photos up on the big screen in our apartment afterwards.  The laughing, cheering, and camaraderie that was shared while viewing the photos was my favorite part of the day.

The First Annual Cocciardi-Toga SCAVENGER HUNT!


Welcome newlyweds Rebecca (Squish) and Henry!


  1. One point is earned when the entire team is in a photo that completes an item. Ask a stranger or take a selfie!
  1. Using your cell phone to help get information is ALLOWED.
  1. The Scavenger Hunt ends promptly at sunset at Gaffneys.  Arrive with your entire team to share results.  May the best team win!

(If you finish early, grab a pint at Gaffneys while the scragglers catch up!)


  1. Get a photo with a police officer
  2. Get a photo with someone in costume.  Anyone!  Just get them in your photo
  3. Get a photo with an older person with white/grey hair.  Explain that you’re on a scavenger hunt and ask if they’ll take a photo with you (2 points if you get an older COUPLE in the photo)
  4. Get a photo with a cute doggie
  5. Get a photo with someone with an unnatural hair color (hot pink, green, blue).  Ask them to take a photo with your group
  6. Get a photo with someone with a visible tattoo.  Get them in the middle of your group shot (make sure their tattoo can be seen!)
  7. Get a photo with someone in your group challenging a stranger to drink a car bomb.  Get a photo of your group cheering on your teammate & the stranger as they down their drinks…


  1. Get a photo in front of the venue that has the jammiest bands in town
  2. Get a photo inside a pizza shop.  For 2 points have someone in your team eating a slice of pizza in the photo
  3. Get a photo in front of a sculpture in Congress Park.
  4. Get a photo in front of the only brewery in town.
  5. Get a photo in front of a restaurant named after an Italian wine made in Tuscany
  6. Get a photo on the swing outside of Ben and Jerry’s with your whole team
  7. Get a photo surrounding one of the lion sculptures that you’ll find on Broadway
  8. Get a photo on the rooftop of the Tavern
  9. Get a photo on the balcony of an old hotel that was just restored on Broadway

You’ve made it!  Congratulations!!!

Get yourself over to GAFFNEYS and let’s celebrate!

One thought on “Halloween Twenty Sixteen

  1. As there seems to be some children in the photos, this is a good idea and done in the daylight as well as sound food.

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