Happy Holidays

We want you to wish you all the Happiest of Holidays.

It’s been quite a year for CocciardiParty.  Here’s a recap and a look and what’s to come.

We adopted Harriet on February 26th.  On June 6th I found out I was pregnant.  On November 28th we closed on our first home.  Baby girl is expected around January 25th and Dan begins a Masters of Systems Engineering (through Penn State’s online program) around the same time.

Throughout all these changes, some things have remained constant.

I still find great contentment working in long-term care, treating the speech, swallow, and cognitive needs of patients with a history of stroke, ALS, dementia, TBI, and a range of other issues.

Dan continues to excel at work, and will very likely travel to China again this spring to help manage a ramp-up of machines that make computer chips.

We know our lives are about to change in ways that we cannot actually fathom in this moment, but we look forward to continuing meaningful friendships and family relationships with the newest member of our family.

The next post will very likely be an announcement of baby’s birth, so stay tuned!

All our love,


4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Harriet is almost as cute, well, just as cute as you guys!
    You’ve weathered quite a year, whew!
    Love and light always,
    Aunt Diane and Uncle Earl

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