Happy Holidayz 2018

Happiest of Holidays!

Our idea for this year’s photo was in the continued vein of transparency.

We decided to stage Dan and I as fatigued, and Maya and Harriet looking vibrant and energetic.

It turns out that this did not require much staging at all.

In truth, we aren’t exhausted all the time.  Perhaps we were in the beginning.  But then Dan relayed his engineering skills to sleep training (I am the weakest link in sleep training) and now we have a baby who sleeps 11-12 hours continuously in her crib each night.

Dan is halfway through his Masters.  He has had a break for three weeks and is noticeably lighter and more relaxed.  We will celebrate when he completes it in a year (any takers for babysitting?!).

Dan has to spend February in Portland, Oregon.  Maya and I may spend her first birthday visiting Dada on the west coast.  We’ll have a small gathering for family and friends on the east coast.

My satisfaction at work is highest when I am working with patients who are good candidates to be rehabilitated home and those who want to work with me and let me into their rooms.  The biggest pro about my job is the flexibility.  I work six hours a day and it can be anytime from 7am-7pm.

After a two-month transition period, Maya appears to now be loving daycare.  When I drop her off she waves goodbye and smiles.  These days she intentionally says these words: mama, dada, ut-oh.  Her daycare “teacher” predicts she’ll be walking in three weeks.

We wish you all health and happiness in 2019.  We hope to see you.

Some of the ways we like interacting with you & our soon-to-be toddler are by taking walks outside, going to the library (we can drink coffee and the babes play!), having you over for a potluck dinner and putting Maya to bed at 7pm, and visiting you at your home and letting Maya bang on all your pots and pans.

So much love dear friends & family.

In conclusion, the outakes…


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  1. Merry Christmas Sarah, Dan & Maya🎄🎅🎁❤️, we miss you! Hope you received our card and Maya her little present. Wishing you all a healthy and Happy New Year!!!

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