Meet Harriet Cocciardi, the newest addition to CocciardiParty.

Harriet was born on December 17th, 2017, joining Sarah (12.11) and Dan (12.14) in a succession of Sagittariuses.

We rescued Harriet from the SPCA of Queensbury, NY on February 26th.  She was found at a kill shelter in Tennessee and we’re told she is a collie/hound mix.  When a family member asks what we want for Christmas, we will probably say, genetic testing for Harriet!  We’re curious!

The past five days with Harriet have been energetic and wonderful and a little fatiguing and incredible and awesome.  Right now she’s too little to climb the stairs of our second-story apartment so collectively we probably carry her down about 15x a day.  We’re absorbing dog-training material and we welcome tips and feedback from fellow dog lovers.

More to come as we inundate Harriet’s page with photos.

Dog love, forever.

ps: We would like to socialize Harriet with as many humans and animals and kids as possible so she interprets the world well.  Do come visit.  Saratoga is beautiful in spring.

pps: Some of these photos make Harriet look calm and dreamy.  Those photos were taken after she had run around in a manic puppy haze.