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When I was in my early twenties I worked at Mohonk Mountain House, taking kids on hikes and lifeguarding.  I met many good friends there and Ivan Cash is one of them.  He lives in San Francisco and has created Cash Studios: a one-person creative shop + awesome assistant + very frequent collaborators from around the world.  

Ivan’s projects make me feel connected with humanity in a fresh, raw way.  They inspire me to put down my cell phone – for a bit!  My favorite offering from Ivan’s latest update is this:

Rephrasing “I don’t have enough time,” to “that’s not a priority for me” allows for full accountability with my actions and time.

Here’s an example from my life that made it gel for me,

Original statement : I don’t have time to meditate right now.

Reworked, less stressful, fully accountable statement: Meditation isn’t a priority right now.

Isn’t everything a choice?  And time sort of an illusion? Let’s be accountable for each present decision we make.

I encourage you to follow or even subscribe to Ivan’s AWESOME updates here:

Ivan’s Website

Here is one of Ivan’s latest creations.  I really, really, really recommend you visit his site and watch the other short films.  They are moving, relevant and beautifully-filmed.

[vimeo 120447989 w=350&h=280]

5 thoughts on “Ivan Cash

  1. I really accept/resonate with his comments. We will be wiser when we state things as a choice rather than a “need or a “can’t.”

  2. I’m throwing away my cell phone immediately! It’s so encouraging that there are young people today considering these kinds of questions. Thanks Sarah (and Ivan!).

  3. I remember Ivan! Great video, great ideas. I’ll admit, I watched the video on my phone, which kindof points out the good of a phone. But if I didn’t have a phone, then I wouldn’t have needed to watch the video, because I’d be living the message it gave. I’ve wanted to get rid of my phone–or downgrade to a flip phone– because it would be a simple way to get to a better place. But I keep choosing the harder route of discipline with a smartphone. Good luck to everybody trying to tune in what’s real and tune out what isn’t!

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