July 2015

July has been light and sunny and full of visits with friends.  After 2+ years of studying, an easy-breezy summer (with one dysphagia conference packed in!)  is just what the SLP ordered.

We’ve been on some beautiful hikes,

We’ve also pent time with pals in places like New York City, and Beacon, and weddings.

Some of you have shared pictures from your lives and these make us very happy when we haven’t hugged you lately.

There are fun/funny stickers on early morning runs in the Stockade District of Kingston.


And to conclude, here’s a properly sized photo of our artist friend Chamberlin doing an impressive handstand in front of her almost-finished mural.  We love artists, especially artists who we get to spend time with.

Happy summer friends.


One thought on “July 2015

  1. Wonderful photos! So happy you are enjoying your summer and one another!

    We’d know more if we did Facebook!!!

    We missed our window of opportunity to see you and so look forward to visiting you at
    Chez Co Ciar di
    after our move to Wallkill.

    We are happy to share our photos, too. Will send.

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