March 2016

This month I read a biography of Vera Nabokov, Vladimir’s wife, editor, and secretary.  I love his description of a translator’s role.

One must slice, chop, twist, volley, smash, kill, drive, half-volley, lob and place perfectly every word.

In Gabon I briefly did some French to English translation.  The work was laborious but I enjoyed the precision.

When I write this blog each month, I attempt to be descriptive and yet brief, generous yet parsimonious.  The desire to share, and to compile photos and words, is intrinsic to my nature.

March Medley:

I visited my parents in Wallkill and Levon spent some time with me before harassing the neighborhood.

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Artist and family friend, Joseph Sundwall, has begun painting out of a section of the Wiegmann barn.  I encourage you to check out his website.

Uncle Earl, now known fondly as The Vicar since marrying us, has been sitting for a portrait.


Before meeting Grace in Beacon one Friday, I lapped main street and was delighted to see a handful of  new shops.

When Dan lived in Beacon, he met Harry at a local cafe.  Now Harry, not yet 30, has opened up his own sandwich shop.  Stop in for a bite if you’re in Beacon.

On the opposite coast, Carrie and Brad celebrate the rain that has finally arrived in Chico and sprout some succulents.

 Life in Saratoga is blossoming with the beginning tendrils of spring and we are integrating into the community, making friends, and discovering new nooks like The Local; a combined pub and teahouse on historic Beekman Street.  When you come visit, we’ll take you.


One (hilarious) evening Dan had us drilling in case there was a fire in our building and he was unconscious from fumes.  I dragged him (laughing uncontrollably) until he was sure that I would be able to handle his dead weight in such an emergency.

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Tim Cocciardi (2nd of the 4 Cocciardi brothers) came to visit Easter weekend with his lovely girlfriend Caroline.  We explored the town and ate some good food, but my highlight was learning Magic the Gathering from Timbo.

As you can see from my expression below, it does not come naturally to me.

And speaking of the Cocciardis, here’s a throwback pic of an early trip to Disney World followed by one of Michael Cocciardi (the youngest of the 4) now totally rocking his new job at Disney.

In my most spontaneous move of late, Kelly (my climate-economist pal and mother of toddler twins) and I booked a trip to Puerto Rico.  I invite you to check out our photos here, and I leave you with this quote.

Of what can we be certain except this – that we are fertilized by mysterious circumstances?  Where is man’s truth to be found?

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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  1. Your showing pictures of your activities helps me understand your activities better.
    I am just learning to use my smart phone, with the help of Teeniors, an organization of young people who help me like me.
    So far, I have mastered turning the smart phone…off and on.


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