May + June 2016

For those of you who do not yet know, I’ve had a new job for almost two months.  I work at Wesley (a skilled nursing facility – SNF) right here in Saratoga Springs.  In fact, I ride my bike the quarter mile to work everyday.  This five minute commute is a dramatic decrease from the 150-mile round trip that I was making to a former job when we first moved.

I love Elders everywhere, but there are certain patients that strike your heart particularly powerfully.  I worked with this woman for three months.  A stroke left her with severe verbal apraxia, a condition in which the person knows exactly what they want to say, but their “muscles of speech” have forgotten the proper placement for sounds and words.  The consequent speech is garbled and can even sound “drunken”. FullSizeRender As I unwrapped the earrings she got me before I left, and I gave her a card with this photo on it, a statement as clear as day escaped her lips,

“I look so old”.

Does one ever feel 93?  What does 93 even feel like?


Sometimes I feel heavy with the weight of illness that can strike the body.  Reveling in friendship and music allows my mind to be keenly awake in the healthy, present moment. IMG_2730 The annual Mountain Jam festival at Hunter mountain – which we attend almost every year – is in a natural amphitheater.

Temporary tattoos, green juice, dear friends, and costumes were elemental this year.


There’s also LOVE to energize the being.

My younger brother, Jeffrey, married the lovely Claudia on May 28th. The festivities began with a rehearsal dinner at the Wiegmann barn.  The The jazz pianist from The Falcon music venue in Highland provided live music for a few hours.

He asked me what I wanted to hear and I said, “Give me a musical education.”  Evidently, the Don and Levon enjoyed the music.

IMG_2641 (1)

The ease at which my in-laws – Daina and Dan – interact with the Wiggys is a marital blessing that does not always occur. IMG_2645 The wedding took place at a Hudson river-front church in Cold Spring, NY.

The ceremony took place at the Hudson House, also right on the water.  It was an intimate and lively reception.


Dan and I pondered a wedding gift and then decided that a good way to get the newly married couple for a visit was to make their gift redeemable only in Saratoga.

They came the last weekend in June, and we took them to swanky 15 Church, enjoying each other’s company thoroughly.

We don’t have any photos from the evening, but the next morning we found ourselves in an “art project” frenzy.  I share photos of our costume shoot, our future Monkees-style band, and the “coffee table collage” that Claudia and I made with my macro lens.


Two months ago, I was initially shocked and terrified, and then deeply honored, when my friend Rebecca asked me to officiate her wedding in Brooklyn, NY on June 18. Her now-husband Henry was coming over from France to join Rebecca in her midtown flat, and I got to knowHenry through copious questions via email.

He was completely forthcoming in his responses, allowing the ceremony to be authentic and original.

(Disclaimer: Rebecca and Henry were married a few days earlier at City Hall, so I did not need my officiate’s license.)

[Bachelorette party, City Hall, Brooklyn wedding]


My college roommate, Bee, has invited to two fantastic northeast adventures.

First, we spent a day and night in Brattleboro, Vermont. We dined at a gastropub, listened to copious records on the player in our AirBnb, thrifted, made tea, and ate chocolates.

We then joined forces again at Tanglewood, located in the verdant Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.  We had tickets for for NPR’s Prairie Home Companion.

You know the host; that deep, resosonant voice that announces the poetry reaching each morning, Garrison Keillor.  At the show ambled on, we ate pizza and pie and drank champagne whilst playing scrabble.


A few weeks ago, Ma & Pa Cocciardi picked up my mom, Salish, and the three of them arrived in Saratoga for a joyful 24-hour visit. Lizzy joined us and these photos are from our evening meal on Saratoga Lake at Doc Brown’s.

(You will also note a fantastic photo of Salish using a phone book to call someone with her flip phone.  That’s history right there.)


We conclude with an assortment of photos:

a collage from our wedding party a year ago,

Lauren (Squigs) on the plant holder-guitar,

Dan imitating bug-eyed cat,

Compilation of our photos in a Trinity door,

A napping Dan,

Deanna and Oscar.

To conclude, Dan leaves for China on July 25th and returns on August 27th.

As summer continues to waft in on the breeze, we are continuously grateful for the health of our minds and bodies, our professions, our friends and families, and each other.

4 thoughts on “May + June 2016

  1. Greetings & thanks as always, Sarah dear. Loved all the news, especially about the nearby new job – when I saw you at Claudia’s bridal shower, you mentioned the new job & I’m delighted to learn that biking to work takes all of 5 minutes. Invigorating & helpful to clear the mind.

    What fun to see all the photos. Even though I love taking photos wi my iPhone, mostly I forget to do so. However, if I find some scones & clotted cream when I’m in Brexit during July, I’ll try to remember to capture them in a photo & share them on.

    Will Dan be away in China for 2 weeks? 3 weeks? More? Exciting times!

    BTW., the party in Greenfield that meant I missed Jeff’s & Claudia’s wedding was sensational. Such fun. Lots of dancing & delicious food (interestingly enough, it was almost identical to the food at Claudia’s bridal shower). Annoyingly, another friend is having a major party in mid-July when I’ll be in the UK. Drat. I do not like missing parties of the community here. Still, it’s the time of year when we gather at the beach (the Green River swim area, sand, swimming) or at one of the lakes (more sand & crystal clear water at Laurel Lake). That’s always a wonderful time to hang out & catch up. On the last day at the Green River swim area, tradition has it that folks bring pies & other yummy desserts & we all share & enjoy.

    Your photo of the 93-year-old is good, she looks a pleasure even tho’ she commented she looked old. In the 3rd Dr. Yoko that I’m writing, Yoko’s Auntie Ai is in her late 90s (that’s one’s tenth decade, wow). Aunti Ai is active, living alone, even playing online bridge (it’s addictive). I’ve known a few folks in their 90s like that but it’s true they are few & far between.

    Mega hugs to you & Dan & safe travel for Dan

    Tane Noisetta – xoxox

  2. Sooo happy for you that you love your Elder work at Wesley; to comfort and bring joy is a miracle gift.
    The Jam avec costumes looked hilarious, so also art project / sibling “band” pics! So fun.
    Of course, Jeff and Claudia’s wedding was lovely – fashionable wedding photos, as well as Salisha the goddess and the “men in black” are super!
    Family is an amazing blessing. Congratulations on opening your home, your heart, and on your skill at lifting relationships to a new level. And! on becoming a “vicar!” It is a tribute to you, both, that this growth and love are possible.
    May you continue your northeast adventuresome spirit.
    Love and safe travels to Dan.

  3. Congrats to Jeff! Also we had no idea that anyone is going to Mountain Jam. With the Clearwater Fest being no more we want to check out Mountain Jam with you and everyone else who reads this in 2017! What a great way to find out!

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