Maya, Almost a Month

Maya is almost a month old.

Here are some sentiments, which I didn’t think would ever pertain to me, which I now find true.

1. Parenting is a combination of the sweetest, loving moments + problem solving + patience + newness.

2. There really is the fullest feeling of love for the child.

3. My body is still healing from the most physical experience of my life.  I’m still off from work.  My social life has changed, but isn’t absent.  So much is different, but I like the changes.

4. They do grow up so fast.  Almost a month old?  No way.

For the first week I only had the courage to zip Maya up into pajama-like onesies.  Now I realize she’s not a fragile doll, and I enjoy putting her in the fun clothing she has received.

We are welcoming visitors,

… even Nurse Jenn who was our labor & delivery nurse visited!  Her son Mikey – who is not yet 4 – used the words appropriate, perhaps, and extinct. 

And the obligatory mom photos,

and Dad Series.

How we love this little one.


6 thoughts on “Maya, Almost a Month

  1. And How is Harriet doing? Spring here, around 60 most of this week. Sheila to Vail, CO for skiing next week.

  2. Dear Mama Sarah,
    You are a “Natural!” As is Dan!
    Look how inventive you are, how you engage with Mikey, and how you muster up your courage and creativity to dress and decorate baby Maya. Love the big glasses!
    Grand Dad Don looks so very comfortable and at peace with the new soul, so sweet.

  3. Awesome pictures Sarah, I am so glad things are going great. Maya has the most beautiful eyes ever. She looks so bright and beautiful. I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see you.


  4. Luv the fashion show
    Looks Kansas he Maya is practicing her Sanskrit in the Dad series
    Hope to meet this special sweetie soon
    Aunt Mary & Uncle Rodney

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