Maya East Cocciardi

Maya East Cocciardi entered the world via a natural birth on Wednesday, February 7 at 4:48 pm weighing 8 lb 4 oz and measuring 20 inches.

Maya means illusion in Sanskrit.  This is an appropriate name as she shattered our uncertainty in regards to having children.

East was my maternal grandmother’s maiden name.  From the stories shared at family reunions, she was quite the free spirit – traveling globally even during her later life, wearing emerald green nail polish, and lighting up a room upon entering it.

The joy that was felt immediately as Maya was born was something I have never experienced before.

I’m going to reflect on the details of the labor and birth experience.  I’m happy to share this with you, if you really want the real – albeit bloody – details.

Expect a bombardment of Maya photos, we apologize in advance.

20 thoughts on “Maya East Cocciardi

  1. All I can say I love! Keep the pics and updates coming, I love it all. Glad you’re all doing well, looking forward to the Harriet meet and greet too!!!

  2. She is delicious ! I can’t wait to meet her ! Motherhood looks awesome one you ! Enjoy every minute ! I am so happy corn you guys . I am here if you need anything !

  3. Maya is beautiful. I am filled with joy reading of yours, and seeing the deep joyful contentment on your faces. With a heart full of happiness, I wish you all the very best and send my love.

  4. Sarah that picture of Dan leaning down over you and Maya is breathtaking. I feel like I can actually see the presence of love.

  5. I’m so happy for you both! I very much enjoyed reading about how you selected first and middle name. All the best, And many more years of joy!

  6. It was an honor to be part of her Birthday (Cocciardi) Party. Favorite couple in years, for sure. Welcome, little love!
    -blessings from nurse jenn

  7. Oh my, brilliant baby, lots of light and happiness! What a lovely job you two did! Keep us in the loop as she gets ready for college😄

  8. Gasp. Oh my. Maya is beautiful and I am sooo happy to share Feb 7th with her and hope to celebrate our birthdays together some day. Love Love Love… I can’t wait to meet her xx

  9. Sarah I am so happy for you and your husband. What a beautiful little Maya East you have. I can’t wait to meet her. Hope all is well with you and you surely look like your enjoying motherhood! Love to all


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