Maya & Friends

Some of you have asked about Harriet, so I’ll start this post by saying that we continue to be cautious, but so far Harriet is consistently protective and curious, with no signs of aggression.

She likes to sneak a kiss or lick whenever possible,

and while we only let the baby sleep at floor level when we’re in the room, Harriet likes to make sure Maya is alright.

After a long day of either playing with her friends at doggie daycare or watching out for Maya, Harriet sometimes falls asleep upright on the couch, like a typical tired mom.

On the weekends we’ve been taking walks at the State Park.  We look forward to seeing the color palette change from whites and greys to shades of green.

We hosted a couple we met at our birthing class for a tapas-style dinner at our place.  Their daughter Matilda is three weeks older than Maya, and I really appreciate hearing about the growth spurts and cooing that are coming soon.  I never thought a lot of things that are part of my life now would be.  Nor did I ever think I would say to a dinner guest, “Please, use Maya’s diaper station and drop Matilda’s diaper in our diaper genie.”

I’m realizing how fast Maya will grow out of her clothes, so before she’s too big for the hat we got her in Barcelona, her Grammy was able to take a series of photos highlighting her increasing expressiveness.  Even though the hat is from Spain, we think the best title for these photos is the French Painter Series.

Jenn, Grace, and Grace’s son Riv came for a visit from the city.  We were so excited to introduce Maya and Riv.  Riv appeared excited, curious, and at times nonplussed by his new friend.

We all took a walk behind our house, trudging in the deep snow that still lines Saratoga.

Ra – now living in Melbourne – sent us some really fun Aussie clothing.  This t-shirt – that her son Eddie wore with love – helped us create our Mommy & Maya Jackson Pollock Series.

A friend of ours in the area was a NICU nurse for 30+ years.  She’s been incredibly generous in coming over when we’re having difficulties and she’s taught us how to give Maya a bottle of breastmilk.  This allows Dan to participate in the feeding, it gives me a little more freedom from home if need be, and we know we can always feed our baby if I can’t for some reason.  Our friend also came over to babysit for us and we had our first date night out since Maya’s arrival.  Yes we talked about Maya, but not the whole time!

I’ll conclude this post with an assortment of other photos.  We’re in a good place here.  We’ve gotten past some hurdles and we can read Maya’s signs pretty well at this point.  We don’t fear the evenings or the nights anymore, and we’re in a loose schedule that prevents Dan and I from getting sleep-deprived.  We’re slowly but surely getting the apartment above our garage Airbnb ready.  When it is, we’d love to offer it to family and friends for a comped night with the hopes that you’ll leave a shining public review and give us constructive feedback on how to make it even better.  As always, we love hearing from you.

8 thoughts on “Maya & Friends

  1. Wow !! Pictures of Harriet/Maya amazing. Dog is very careful and friendly.
    Is Harriet in doggy care every day? How long?
    G in ABQ

  2. We love these pics and hoping to meet Maya at Claudia’s baby shower. So glad you’re well and delighting in parenthood! Love you three! Aunt Cathy

  3. What a beautiful family you have Sarah, Maya is just absolutely beautiful. Harriet looks very content with her. You and your husband are so blessed!

  4. All so so sweet. Feel so special to be a part of your little family! Watching Maya grow and you as parents has been absolutely lovely. Thank you for including me in your lives😉😉

  5. So enjoyed loving and laughing at the painter series (sitting at LAX!). The photos are a brilliant bunch, super selection. Glad Harriet has felt welcome and included. The jazzy photos of Maya with flowered pants, adventurous tops, and cool glasses resemble her zany gran Salisha East.

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