Maya In a Milk Bath

My occupational therapist colleague Becca has begun a taking photographs of babies and families as a weekend hobby.  She offered to come over this past Sunday and shoot Maya.  Don’t worry, no real milk was wasted.  The milk bath look is created with coffee creamer, the strawberries are real.

If you told me two years ago that I’d be driving a Subaru, shopping in bulk (occasionally), making baby food in my Instant Pot, and dancing around to Kindermusik class at 10 am on a Saturday with my baby, I would have said you were bonkers.

Life is funny.

Dan is back from China.

Life is good too.

11 thoughts on “Maya In a Milk Bath

  1. She’s absolutely gorgeous! Isn’t it amazing how a baby changes your life? Looks like you’re enjoying the ride! Miss you cuz! xoxo -Rach

  2. Shhh
    Mums the word:
    Please Maya know that your Uncke Rodney takes a goat milk bubble bath every night when he comes home from work. It makes his skin baby butt soft like yours xoxo

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