Maya in Minnestoa

Since the last post, Maya has been on a boat, flown to Minnesota, and now she’s actively teething.  She’s already having rice cereal daily, and in two weeks when she’s six months old, we’ll introduce her first vegetable, SPINACH!  I agree with our pediatrician’s advice: go from vegetables to fruits – who would want spinach after having mango??

Larry and Kirstin were the most gracious hosts at our family reunion in Minnestoa.  They planned extensively and shared their home and horse farm with us.  It was the most relaxed we’ve been in six months.

Harriet appears to really enjoy doggie daycare weekly.  We get feedback when picking her up, and most often I hear a variation of:

Harriet and her boyfriend Ben loved playing again this week.  They were in the pool and ran around a lot.  However, when Ben was ready for a break Harriet didn’t accept this and began nipping at his legs as he ran away, so we gave her a timeout. 

Dan has been in China for almost two weeks.  He’ll be gone for a total of one month.  It has been so much harder than I imagined.  I have so much respect for single moms.  After doing the Airbnb for two months, I realized I do not enjoy the intense work of short-term turnovers nor do I like the array of questions and human needs.  It’s been shut down, probably for good.  The pool is also potentially turning into a swamp but that’s OK!  Maya, Harriet, my own well-being, and getting to work each day are my priorities.  What I’ve found most useful is asking friends and family for support with specific things.  I prefer doing a task with someone by my side.

Before Dan left, we went to a wedding in Pittsburgh.  It was our first night away together since having a baby.  The Cocciardis watched Maya,and Jason flew us there and picked us up.

Here are some photos of Maya and recent visitors,

And to conclude, more Maya montage.

How are you spending your summer?  Do you know any single moms and aren’t they amazing?

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  1. Maya is just adorable, these are great family pics. We can’t wait to see you and Dan and meet Maya at the end of September!

    Love Aunt Cathy

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