Maya is 1!

Our sweet baby Maya is one today!

Many people say it goes by in a flash. Maybe that happens later? It’s been a full year. So much love, so much change, so much having to stay light on your feet to adapt to the constantly changing babe.

Maya’s personality thus far is one of spunk, lightness, and humor. For example, while waiting on the pediatrician’s table to be told that her hand/foot/mouth virus was minor, she was in high spirits.

Aunt Caroline is a meme and editing master, and she quickly noticed that unaware to us, Maya was exhibiting some trends for 2019.

Maya is starting to have some toddler shyness/stranger danger with other people, but it quickly evaporates.

Toddlers are so cute. Little humans, banging into things, practicing human behavior.

Maya and Dada have a very special bond. Sometimes – hey, let’s be real – often, Maya cries when Dan leaves the room.

I edited the video clips we have of Maya from her first year of life. Here is a condensed, 5-minute video of the sweetest member of our family. Happy Birthday Maya East Cocciardi!

(password: MayaEastCocciardi2018!)

8 thoughts on “Maya is 1!

  1. Star quality! What a beautiful year mama documented for you! I see some dancin’ genes from Bubba!
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y M A Y A E A S T!

  2. So many smiles and so much love ! Hope you had a Happy Birthday Maya. Thanks for making me
    smile this morning 🎂

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