We took Maya to Cape May this past weekend for her first beach trip.  She is really good-natured all of the time, but she appeared to be taking in the new sights and sounds with extra excitement (and some long naps).

As you can see, Harriet is still lovingly checking in on Maya throughout the day.

Maya has gotten to meet more friends and is lucky to have four grandparents who visit often.

She’s social, but when she’s maxed out, you might see her with this cranky face.

I’m missing the hikes we took with Linny during maternity leave, but we’ll find space for them on the weekends.

Exciting update: Meet Maya’s cousin Beckham, Jeff and Claudia’s son!

I’ll conclude with a random assortment of Maya cuteness.  I keep losing track of time, but Aunt Cathy has reminded me that Maya is just over four months old.

6 thoughts on “Maya!

  1. Looks like the Wall Kill team joined you in Cape May. How did you manage to drag Don away from the SHOP??
    And Jeff/Claudia came as well..

  2. What a little beauty! Love seeing all the pictures and seeing how much happiness Maya has brought to your family!
    Much love to you all.


  3. could she be any more adorable
    sooo many characters all in one, you two sure know how to create on all levels

  4. Maya is such a sweetie pie and so well traveled! Your collection and thoughts are priceless! Keep the pictures going…..she’s changing every single day and it is so hard to remember all of the absolute expressions and growth!
    Much love always,

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