More Maya

It’s been consistent activity over here. After a month of work, we have the house more than 3/4 packed and Dan (with the help of the Cocciardis and the Wiggys) has painted, patched, and fixed many things.

The house is in good condition, but when hang many things, you leave a lot of work for yourself. And there are little things that could be fixed that you just live with.

Dan and I agree that we’re taking a 5+ year break from our usual flurry of painting and hanging decor. We’re going zen-minimum for this move.

Before too many cute photos build-up, here’s what Maya’s been up to in the past month.

Visitors, Friends, and Cousins



4 thoughts on “More Maya

  1. Maya you’re such a big girl! Oooh! Love the fashion statements and cutie looks to match!
    We know you’ll dig the new Zen vibes out west. XXX OOO

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