5 thoughts on “No Longer a Newborn

  1. OMG Sarah she is so beautiful and she looks so content! I look so forward to seeing you when you return to work. I know that will be a tough day for you but you will balance it like everything else you do! Have missed seeing you but love seeing the pictures of Maya!


  2. sweet sweet sweet – a gal with sooo many looks already…do I see a little of Aunt Mary’s curls there…can’t wait to embrace her again xoxo to you all xoxo

  3. She’s so precious Sarah!!! Beautiful pictures of the whole family! Much love to you all! -Cousin Rachel

  4. Oh my. My heart melted. Adorable. Love Love Love.
    Thank you for sharing with us her beautiful journey into this next phase. She looks so loved and zen….

  5. In regards to time, it seems that as I am turning 60 next month, I feel that I am celebrating my birthday every other month in feeling how time races. But these photos are a wonderful reminder to rejoice in the present so that they days continue to be long!

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