November 2017

Happy November Family & Friends!

Before things get busy with Baby C in the New Year, it seems only fair to share some photos of Harriet.  We’re going to work really hard at happily and safely integrating baby & dog, but there will be inevitable changes.

Harriet goes to doggie daycare 1-2x a week to socialize and run around with other pups.  They always give us a little report after about who she played with, how much lunch she ate, and any recommendations of things for us to work on.  Her best pup pal appears to be Olive.  The lion costume was from Halloween.

Dan planned a drive for us through Vermont and the four of us enjoyed taking in the foliage, buying cheese, and eating cheese.  (Harriet ate a pumpkin dog biscuit.)

This past weekend Salish and my mother-in-law Daina threw me a really, really beautiful baby shower.  I was so moved by the friends and family who traveled to be there.  Carrie traveled the farthest, coming from Chico, California!  The generosity and abundance blew me away.

I’ve felt a little isolated since pregnancy because of the persistent nausea (now gone) and change in social life.  I was reminded on Saturday of the rich support group I have.  I am grateful for everyone.  Baby C is so lucky to be receiving such a warm welcome to this world already.  Mr. Cocciardi set up a photo booth in the middle of the Wiegmann barn.  Here are some gems.  Do share photos & updates from your life, we love to hear of what you’re up to.

One thought on “November 2017

  1. Greetings . & thank you, Sarah dear, for the photos & news. I’m so glad the baby shower was fun (& fruitful). Although I greatly regretted not being there in person, the reasons why I could not join you in person went well. The wonderful party that I hosted at Annie Keough’s was really fun, lots of people & good food – I even read from my latest Dr. Yoko mystery, “Eyes on the Past,” which will be published soon. Then, on the Sunday, a day-long at Quaker Meeting, ending with a committee meeting.

    Sending mega hugs & kisses & gentle pats to darling baby bump.

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