October 2015

In early October, Dan spent time in Phoenix, AZ and Portland, OR.  In addition to learning more about the tools he works with at Global Foundries, he visited the Botanical Gardens, saw some live music, had a lovely meal with our friend Heather and trekked through lush greenery.

We hosted friends throughout the month. The O+ (o-positive) festival in Kingston was especially notable; a fantastic gathering of art, music and wellness.  I caught up with street artist Gaia, an old school pal of Jeff Wiggys.

We saw some seriously vibrant fall foliage and even ran into friends on the trail.

We served as waiters at a fundraising event for The Reaverbocker Public House in Syracuse, NY.  Give a shout if you are a potential investor wanting to see their business plan!

Then, Dan decided to go skydiving Halloween morning in his mummy costume.  I cheered happily from the ground in my vampire garb (the fangs made it even harder to speak, so they were ditched).

We spent the rest of the pagan holiday with new and old friends in Brooklyn.  These photos are all Colin’s – our very talented wedding and summer party photographer.  Colin, is your photography website up yet?

The NYC Marathon ran right around the block from our friend’s place in Williamsburg, so we began November with inspiring athletics.



“At dusk the rain and wind have finally ceased, but red and yellow leaves continue falling.”

– John Michael Keating

6 thoughts on “October 2015

  1. Wow !! Some really exciting times, including sky diving. I have trouble walking our dog as she wants to chase the deer. which is, of course, hopeless.

    Our big exciting events: Having Alex and Francis visit which included a concert highlighted by Dvorak’s cello concerto and Tchaikovsky’s 6th symphony.

    Last Sunday our Opera Southwest performed “Aida” which as truly grand opera.

  2. Loved all your news, Sarah dear. Always such fun to read about what has been happening in yr neck o’ the woods. This autumn, the foliage has been breathtaking here so I was glad to learn you also had wonderful colors.

    Hugs, love,

    Tante Noisette.

  3. Truly a breathtaking assortment of pics! Action packed! And how was the sky diving act inspired? Was it the Don’s spontaneous leap?
    Please incorporate more captions and stories under the photo collages. Gorgeous life and so much love.
    Hugs, Aunt Diane in Pasadena with Mom (@100)

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