Sanibel ’18

When people ask me how things are since having a baby, I have the tendency to start with the difficult parts.  It feels honest and the transparency then lets us end on the high notes, of which there are many.  We can take beautiful photos are on our cell phones and paint any picture we like of our life.  If we’re lucky, many of the moments are sunny and happy like these below.  But no one is without challenges.

What’s different about life now is that I have to carve out moments for interests, exercise, and solo-time.  Sometimes the motivation needs to be faked because you’re tired.  The most interesting thing is that despite the newness, self-sacrifice, and overall change in lifestyle, the pulsing love you feel for your child is a profound feeling.

End wax poetic.

We just returned from a sunny week in Sanibel with the Wiggys, Jeff, Claudia, and Beckham (or Beck-Pete as we call him).  Here are some highlights.  Babies appear to have brought out our better qualities.

Maya’s second flight was more challenging than her first.  She wanted to wave to the people in front of us and gnaw on their seats.  She wanted to us to walk her up and down the aisle.  She screamed at different parts of the flight.  She wouldn’t take the bottle because she’s teething and we’ve stopped breastfeeding.  Most everyone was forgiving.

Maya and her cousin Beck-Pete seemed to really enjoy each other, as much as a ten-month and a seven-month old could.  We think this might have been the easiest year at Sanibel, and predict that next year we’ll be using the words wait, no, share, please, time out. 

Temperatures were in the 60’s and 70’s, and Maya and I went for an early morning beach walk every day.

The Wiggys treated us to a lovely lunch somewhere different each day and Maya and Beck-Pete most enjoyed the menus and lemons.

The pool was ten steps from our condo.  We were surprised that Maya tolerated her sunglasses for more than ten seconds at a time.

We rented a double beach stroller – it was a hit.

The warm air, bike rides, family time, and rum punch served as a deeply satisfying reset.

Bring on winter.

8 thoughts on “Sanibel ’18

  1. I had to think through why you stopped breast feeding…when Maya started teething. Did not come intuitively.
    but of course, is obvious.

  2. Gorgeous pictures, thank you for gathering and sharing so soon! Uncle Earl and I loved seeing you and sharing family time with you on Sanibel. What caring, generous, and devoted parents and grandparents! Hugs to all, especially Maya and Beck🥰

  3. love reading about your adventures as a family of 4.
    sometimes being so far away from the east coast (Taiwan) I can feel out of touch, but reading your story makes me feel right at home. love you Sarah xx
    and love seeing the “pulsing love” through the photos. xx

  4. You cut your hair!!!! I love it! So gorgeous! What beautiful pictures – I don’t think Maya looks a bit like Dan 😉
    Merry Christmas to you all and hope to see you in the New Year.
    xoxoxo and lots of love, Cousin Rach.

  5. On a cold day , wonderful to see sunny Sanibel pictures and Maya making great
    memories with her family . The last time I was in Sanibel was almost 30 years ago and I was 6 months pregnant !
    Heading to NYC to spend holidays with that almost 30 year old . It’s a wonderful life.
    Merry Christmas 🎄

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