So what kind of dog is she?

We decided to spend the $85 for a doggie genetic test from Wisdom Panel.

Who knows how authentic this test is, or how much research has really gone into charting animal genetics.  Regardless, we’re excited to get the results back.

For fun – before we post the results here – what kind of dog breeds do you think Harriet is?

Harriet completely relaxes in the car and this makes it easy to take her anywhere.  We were doing weekly puppy play hours but she surpassed the weight limit of 25 lbs pretty quickly.

She loves playing with Dan and is visibly missing him while he’s in China for the next six weeks.

So Harriet and I are holding down the fort while Dan is away.

Two other fun tidbits are that she lost her first puppy tooth and she shows a propensity for dressing up.

So Happy Monday, dear friends.  Hopefully this puppy-love post brightens your day.

We welcome your guesses as to Harriet’s breeds!

6 thoughts on “So what kind of dog is she?

  1. I think she is pure love personified . Mixed with unconditional love. A bit of true confidante and merry maker. I also think she has fearless, brave and diva written all over her. A faithful companion and the sweetest fur baby ever. Also part beagle. Love her, because she loves you both.

  2. Harriet looks a little like a Doberman/Rottweiler/Beagle to me…100% sweetie, can’t wait to meet her one day!

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