Sunny Skies

Dan and I look at each other a few times a week and spontaneously comment how much we are enjoying our lives here in Albuquerque.  The weather is a big factor, as constant sunshine and blue skies give a sense of an ongoing holiday.

I really love my current weekday routine.  I take Maya to school on the back of my bike, and then I cycle back past our house, over to this café.

I spend two hours working on my private practice, Albuquerque Stuttering Services, before going to my rehab job.  I went back to school at age thirty to get a Masters of Science in Communication Disorders because my friend and mentor Dr. Phil Schneider inspired and supported me. 

So far I’ve purchased the LLC and the website, filed with the state of New Mexico, and read carefully through a speech pathology private practice guide. Now I’m working on the business plan and my policies and procedures manual.

As I only work twenty hours a week at my rehab job (Monday-Thursday), when I’m ready, I hope to start seeing clients on Fridays in our home office.  I have the luxury of building the practice slowly because I have a part-time job and because Dan has been so supportive. 

Maya is saying more than thirty words regularly, and can pronounce about fifty.  She counts to two and likes to point out the color purple.  She describes most items as “mine” and I fluctuate between accepting her premature frontal lobe and offering mini lessons on sharing.

During the course of a week, small desires pop up – of course – but overall I have a deep sense of contentment at this time in our lives.  I wouldn’t change anything and I don’t need anything that we don’t already have.  I’m grateful for our health and this sunny life we get to partake in daily.

We had a lovely visit with Grammy and G-Pop Cocciardi. Maya can’t say Grammy yet, but she’s been saying G-Pop since they left and I believe it represents both of them.

We have a busy visitor calendar coming up!  If you think you might want to come, and the fold-out couch in Maya’s room isn’t for you, this Airbnb is a few blocks from our house.

We can’t wait to see:

Tonight: Carrie, Nicole, and Jenny

7/24: Bee and Lizzy

8/1: Lacey

8/8: Fun Uncle Mark

8/30: Bubbie and Opa Wiegmann

Oct: Carly & Jason??

11/1: Aunt Linny

We can’t wait to see you all. 

The only thing missing here is dear friends and family.

3 thoughts on “Sunny Skies

  1. Loved all of the pictures and narrative! It seems that all of you are adjusting beautifully!
    Miss you so much and can’t wait to see all of you!
    Love and many, many hugs,
    Aunt Linny

  2. Wow!!!! Move to a new city in a new state, and start a private practice. How to promote/advertise?? Billing?? What an entrpreneur.
    Keep us up to date as New Mexico has lots of people with Spanish backgrounds. Working in English is hard enough but add a new language.
    Then, why not have some challenges.

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