Dalian, Liaoning China

I had to head off to Dalian, China to act as a lead engineer on a project with my company, Lam Research, at an Intel Fabrication facility.



Basically, Intel was taking one of their older plants and retooling it to make new solid state memory. I was sent there to run the day-to-day activities of a team of engineers who were installing new equipment for Intel.

The plant:


While I was there I mostly worked, M – Sa about 12 hours a day. Unfortunately this meant I just didn’t have to much time to myself. I did get out and see the city a bit:


I also did a little hiking and along the trail ran into some interesting stuff:

Heres a few random shots:

I would say that everyone I encountered worked very hard, very long days. People are people, and the Chinese are doing what we are – trying to make their lives the best they can. If I plucked out a person my age from Intel Dalian and dropped them into NYC you wouldn’t have a clue whether they were from the US or Dalian. Really, it is quite remarkable how much the same we are yet we manage to demonize and feel so separate from each other on a global stage (a separate conversation.)

The only truly bad thing I have to say about China is the air and water quality is just bad – its sad. Appreciate the EPA and our regulations, there is just no price you can put on being able to breathe in deep and drink your tap water. Its beyond quantifying.

Everyone should go to Asia at some point in their life. The perspective it affords you is priceless.

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