Lake Dunmore, Vermont

I often forget just how close Vermont is to Saratoga Springs.  We took off on a Friday afternoon and were at Lake Dunmore, VT by 6pm.

Harriet demonstrates that she has various car poses; car-collected, car-cute, car-sun-basking.

Our cabin was situated right on Lake Dunemore and we made ourselves at home with alcohol-free wine (thanks mom-in-law) and cheese & crackers.

The lake was surprisingly warmer than other bodies of water we’ve been in this summer, like Lake George.  As the three of us were sitting on the dock and Dan and I were going back and forth about who should go in first, Harriet took the initiative and dove in.  She’s a real water dog.

On Saturday we hiked from our backyard to the Falls of Lana before heading to Burlington for the afternoon.  What’s a road trip without half-devouring a pie along the way?  Cheers to Vermont!