Marthas Vineyard

To Martha’s Vineyard and back to Albany, for lunch.

Our friend Jason is an entrepreneur who specializes in LED lights.  In early November, Jason and his lovely girlfriend Carly invited us for our first flight.  Being in the 4-seater Cirrus SR22 was a real adventure.  We got to observe Jason nimbly listing off numbers and letters in a flow of speech that meant something significant to the air traffic controller.  Whenever I hear rapid, smooth speech (ie rap, Jason piloting) my first thought is WOW, my words have never come out like that – what ease!

Arriving at the quaint Martha’s Vineyard airport couldn’t have been easier.  We disembarked, Jason relayed our time frame to an agent inside, and we meandered down the road to a new restaurant.  The clam chowder was delectable and the company top notch.

As we flew home, we caught the orange sunset that hadn’t revealed itself from ground level.  I thought this an appropriate analogy for life; sometimes we see doom and gloom and darkness, but above, unbeknownst to us, is a majestic array of sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Marthas Vineyard

  1. What fun! Glad you enjoyed! Years back, your mother & I had been staying on Block Island & for a while we sat at the nearby small airport wondering if we could ask for a ride back to NY. We didn’t pluck up the courage to ask but had fun thinking about it.

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