From our new loft in Kingston, we are even closer to Canada.  So this past weekend Dan and I left our home…

For a sojourn in Montreal.  We got an airbnb place that felt like a close cousin.


On the 4+ hour ride, we began listening to Dr. David Servan-Schreiber’s audiobook, Anticancer.  I highly recommend it.  He combines scientific data with personal and poetic narratives to explain the ways in which we can make our immune systems most resilient to toxins.

I saw this image on our host’s fridge when we got to Montreal and it was a welcome addition to the solid, holistic advice we’d been ingesting on the way up.

FullSizeRender (13)

On Friday night we saw a concert at New Gas City, a hip, young venue that appeared to host people even younger than us (!).  On Saturday we ate a fantastic breakfast at le Vieux Velo in our bohemian neighborhood, le Plateau.  Dan had a B.B.L.T. (brie, bacon, lettuce, tomato) and I had l’Atlantique – eggs Benedict avec smoked salmon.  

The effortless ability of the Québécois to switch between English and French was beauteous envy to my ears.

[Disclaimer: My French needs a boost – perhaps a holiday in the South of France is needed?]

We then meandered our way to the Old Port, stopping in thrift stores and cafes that called to us.  At the end of our route we came upon the the Notre Dame church, an awe-inspiring sight.

We departed Montreal able to navigate the metro, rolling the French /r/ in our mouths and in agreement to return when the snow has melted.


FullSizeRender (12)


As a fun aside – unrelated to things Canadienne – there is something relevant to share since the last post about the awesome Ivan Cash.  An impromptu Mohonk Mountain reunion occurred right here at Diego’s Taqueira in Kingston, a restaurant owned & operated by Elena and Isaac, former Mohonkers themselves.  In addition to the freshest food and most jovial atmosphere, string telephones are on hand to enjoy.  I wonder what Ivan Cash would say about this… surely they are  a departure from the isolating world of mobile phones!

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