Naples, FL

Our dear friend Lizzy was offered the use of a condo in Naples, Florida for two months.  She said yes.

We decided to help Lizzy drive down to Naples and she kindly offered to fly us back home.  I was apprehensive about the long car ride but we did it in twenty-two harmonious hours, switching drivers every 5-6 hours.

Naples was sunny with a high of 80 for four days in a row.  We enjoyed each other’s company, swam in the ocean, dined out, and discovered the best coffee on 5th Street.

We are lovingly envious that our dear Lizzy is still there.


Salish’s side of the family – the Richmonds – continue their tradition of renting beach cottages on Sanibel Island for a week during Thanksgiving.  Lizzy made it from Naples to Sanibel in an hour and we’re so happy that everyone got to enjoy each other.

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