Puerto Rico

Two weeks before Kelly and twins were going to come visit us in Saratoga, we decided over text that a ladies vacation (Kelly’s first since having kids, and my first since getting married) was in order.

Dan reminded me that my passport was being processed with my new last name, so Kelly and I narrowed our travel options to Key West, Miami, and Puerto Rico.  I was in Puerto Rico a few years ago and I liked the simplicity of only needing a license to enter the US territory and the ease of not having to switch money.  There is also an exoticism however that arises from the Spanish speaking and the perfectly balmy Caribbean air.

In no particular order, here are some images from our 4 full days in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  We rented an Airbnb condo on the beach with a pool and ocean kayaks for use. We walked around picturesque around Old San Juan and clinked glasses with locals at La Placita, a farmer’s market that morphs into a bustling outdoor nightlife.  Fresh fish was eaten and spicy rum old-fashioneds were imbibed.

2 thoughts on “Puerto Rico

  1. Fab photos & lots of good news. Thanks, Sarah dear. I’m so glad you managed to squeeze in your trip to PR, four days, s’wonderful. I also enjoyed all the other news. Wise of Dan to have you test your muscles so that whenever necessary you can drag him to safety. (He looked mighty happy being dragged.)

    Spring is nascent. Finally.

    Hugs, love,

    Tante Noisette

  2. You really captured Puerto Rico as the top destination that seems outside the U.S. but still not having to go through the hassles of leaving the U.S. It is one of those destinations that I have been to and it grows on me each time I go. Worth checking out but rarely visited is the western part particularly around Rincon!

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