San Francisco & Chico

Dan has been traveling more for work, and his west coast trips are often to Silicon Valley or Portland, Oregon.  It worked out that I was able to get off the first week in December and join him in Fremont.  While he attended his workshop during the day, I toured San Fran on foot.

Cara took off from work one day and she was the most creative and delightful SF tour guide.  We met working at Mohonk, more than ten years ago.  After spending a few years living in Houston, Cara now calls SF her home.  Luckily, we’ve seen each other a handful of times over the past year.

Our day included very special toast for breakfast, scenic walks, special coffees, a little thrifting, Thai lunch, and solid catch-up chats.  Cara and her boyfriend Julian are going to create some visually appealing SF day-trip cards for when friends come to visit.  Think about arriving in a city and receiving a beautifully-designed, curated day of fun activities.  We’ll have to visit again!

Having dinner with Ivan Cash and Allie Stark at their incredible home in Oakland was a highlight of our trip.  My soul felt lighter after spending time with them.

For the weekend of my birthday, we drove three hours north to Chico to visit our dear friends Carrie and Brad.  We saw a hilarious Christmas band called Yule Log and chatted with the singer afterwards.  We had lunch at Sierra Nevada, an impressive brewery with so much gleaming copper I envisioned night gnomes doing the polishing.  On Monday I joined Carrie and her third grade class for the day.  I gave a small presentation to the students on stuttering, traveling, and Dan’s and my professions.  Their questions and responses were impressive.  What a special class, what a special teacher!

We love the West Coast and we love our friends there.

(But don’t worry Mama C, we we’re staying in the Northeast.)


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  1. Glad you enjoyed San Fran, Sarah. I loved it the few times I visited. Once I was sent there on business & really was surprised by the friendliness of everyone. At the time, the early 1960s, living in NYCity, it wasn’t the most friendly place, but San Fran, wow! I’d be having breakfast in the hotel before a meeting & people would walk by & wish me good morning & sometimes comment on the breakfast they were going to have!

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