We almost didn’t leave on one of the chilliest days we’ve had so far this winter, so I guess I’ll tell you that I discovered that my passport had expired 4 days before Dan and I were scheduled to spend a week in Tulum, Mexico.  I won’t dive into any of the questions you may have about this, but rather jump right into praise for the Stamford Passport Agency.  Within four hours I had a new passport and not for an exorbitant fee either.  A pristine, smoothly-run office, I recommend it to anyone in the same situation, although I know none of you would ever have this problem.

After spending a week in Tulum, we felt as though we had been away for a month, in the best sense.  Falling asleep to the sound of the ocean, walking on warm sand at sunrise every morning and bathing in the Caribbean sea a handful of times each day was rejuvenating.  Dan was the best travel partner, husband and friend on the trip.  We enjoyed each other’s company so much and intentionally clanked our rings together throughout the week.  Dan says he confuses his ring for a band-aid as he gets used to it, and I am training my brain to say, “Sarah Cocciardi”.

sunsetdansunnies rings

swings at beach side

dive tulum

Our new friend Raoul from Guadalajara told us that there’s two ways to think about Tulum, the pueblo or the playa – it depends if one is doing an activity on the beach or in the town.  The beach is dotted with bright, eco-chic bungalow hotels that all have equally quaint outdoor lanterns revealing sandy trails through the jungle, the best live jazz and funk music and the most authentic mezcal.  Yoga classes, fresh-pressed juices and people meditating in sarongs in the beach are found at every corner.

dan biking

turtle rock cocciardis danWe began each day sitting outside for breakfast at the Hip Restaurant of our Hip Hotel (a great place – not picked for it’s hip name – truly!).  We wondered how we had ever not started the day with fresh squeezed orange juice, good strong coffee and huevos rancheros or chilaquiles with hot green salsa while seaside.


hip hotel

In addition to reading TWO (!!)  books – The Mitfords, Letters Between Six Sisters and Franny and Zooey by Salinger – we explored the Mayan Ruins, wandered through town, rode bicycles from playa to peublo and jumped into a 15 foot ceynote at Calavera.  A ceynote forms when limestone erodes leaving a freshwater swimming hole of varying depths and lengths.


mitfords ms. havishams 20150112_154725 20150110_101637 20150110_101440 20150110_100747 20150110_093912

Without a cell phone, email, or television for a week, we had lots of opportunities to take walks at night, see the bright stars and discuss our future.  And laugh and meditate and walk and play beach football and make friends and practice Spanish and try different salsas.

us sunrise husband indian place

sunset tulum

Our trip concluded with a most welcome afternoon with Grace and her husband Jeff, who were in Tulum for another wedding.  We loved this trip and look forward to a hiking adventure next.  For anyone traveling to Tulum, we’d love to share our faves & suggestions.

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