We’re an aunt + uncle for the first time!

We are Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dan for the first time, ever!

Our nephew, Campbell Noah Cocciardi, was born in August.

I made it to the hospital in New Jersey to meet Cam on his second day in this world, but Dan was still in China.

(Speaking of China, you can read all about Dan’s adventures here soon… when he posts his page… nudge him!)

Some things I would like to do with Cam at this early stage are to drink milk together (cow’s for me), read Rumi, and count in French.

In other baby news, Aimee and Rich (who I know from Gabon), have welcomed Callum Parnell into their family.  They just came to visit us from Colorado.  Callum is as lovely and inquisitive as he looks.

Our annual Richmond family reunion was in Cleveland, Ohio this year.

 I visited Montreal with friends while Dan rocked out to Phish.

The Wiggys have been doing painting and renovations on the barn.

Lizzy and I saw each other heaps this summer,

The Cocciardis always bring warmth and love,

And the end of summer was full of friends,

This tree is in our yard.  Fall is here.  Wishing you a happy and smooth transition to different light, food, and temperatures.  And so much love, as always.




3 thoughts on “We’re an aunt + uncle for the first time!

  1. Thank you Sarah for keeping me in the loop of all of you sweet people! i love seeing you and Dan so happy and enjoying your families and friends! We’re all good here, miss having you and Dan popping in with Colin❤️❤️❤️

  2. Congrats on being a first time aunty Sarah! My sister in law reckons it is the best role. I’m sure you will be his favourite. xoxoxo

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