What are you thankful for?

I’ve been increasingly interested in film, particularly documentaries. One of my film goals is to visit various countries (ie Sweden, Russia, India, Vietnam, China, Argentina) to learn about their geriatric care. I want to look inquisitively at how elders are cared for over the world. I doubt there is a perfect system, but I’d like to reveal what appears to be working and what isn’t. If I’m ever to get to that point, I need to start somewhere.

Dan has helped me decide what equipment to use with my iPhone: a flexible tripod, a directional microphone, an attachable macro lens, and Corel editing software. I learned a lot from my first project.

In no specific order,

1. I want better sound. We are going to look for a female to female audio conversion jack (3.5 mm) to extend the microphone and get better audio quality.

2. Editing takes a lot longer than I thought. I love arranging, splicing, adding music, using photographs, figuring out how to use the effects. All of this requires patience to learn new things and it felt like a zen practice to me.

3. I’ve just peeked into the massive world that is film. There’s so much more to be discovered. I’m so happy I started.

Dan is the producer. He troubleshoots everything – diving into the program and learning how it works, teaching me, and then letting me roll with it until I hit another road block. We’re a great team.

I recommend wearing headphones for best sound quality. Enjoy!

Password: Splinter

SCThanksgiving16 from Sarah Cocciardi on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “What are you thankful for?

  1. Brilliant. Award worthy film. Setting, music, fade ins and outs so beautiful. Participants seemed truly joyful and thankful. Thank you Sarah. Love much. Aunt Monica xo

    1. Thankful to you for sending your joyful times and bright smiles thru the living ether.
      All shall be well
      All manner of things shall be well.

  2. Finding care is a challenge, particularly when one spouse dies and getting a reliable person/company to make sure all is right.
    More than a little scary for us older (geriatric) folks.

  3. Awesome reminder that we can all be together and manage to avoid any political discussions! This is certainly a primer for that!

  4. I took one film class my whole life and I think the most important film tip I learned was the 180 degree rule! If you start cutting things together, it makes a huge difference on how a dialogue comes together and how much it makes the edit look professional. Found a youtube video to better explain. Great stuff, keep learning and experimenting.


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